Djunbunji Land and Sea Programme

ranger-programme.jpgDjunbunji Land and Sea Program was formed in 2010 to actively engage in the management of our country on behalf of all Mandingalbay Yidinji people. Djunbunji has established its land and sea management base leased from DERM in Grey Peaks National Park.

Role of Djunbunji:

  • Collaborate with partner agencies
  • Train and employ our Rangers
  • Implement land and sea management agreements and plans
  • Support Elders & young people to access and learn about Country
  • Provide contract land and sea management services
  • Support cultural tourism enterprises on Country


To develop an effective, professional and sustainable land and sea program that:

  • Provides a safe, legally compliant and supportive workplace for Rangers and other staff;
  • Successfully undertakes the roles identified in the Mandingalbay Yidinji IPA Management Plan.


  • Develop a Business Plan that positions Djunbunji Land and Sea Program administratively and financially to achieve the above Goal for the life the Mandingalbay Yidinji IPA Management Plan;
  • Establish, communicate and implement workplace and staff protocols to ensure safe and effective administrative and operational activities;
  • Develop and support training and staff development pathways for all employees;
  • Develop and implement a Communication Strategy to ensure Traditional Owners, partner agencies and other stakeholders are appropriately informed and/or consulted about the activities of Djunbunji Land and Sea Program.

 Monitoring and Evaluation:

  • Document key stages in the development of the Business Plan and Communication Strategy;
  • Report on key achievements and/or challenges at each MYSPIC meeting, as appropriate;
  • Report on all targets in annual IPA Program reports;
  • Assess progress towards achieving Goal in the five-year review of the IPA Management Plan.

MOUs with Partner Agencies

In 2011 we signed Memorandums of Understanding with the Queensland Department of Environment and Resource Management and Fisheries Queensland to set out our joint commitment to collaborate in looking after Mandingalbay Yidinji country, including the implementation of ILUAs and the management of the proposed IPA.

Dedication of the IPA

Mandingalbay Yidinji Indigenous Protected Area was formally dedicated on 26 November, 2011. A public commitment was given to collaborate with our partners to implement the IPA Management Plan.