Economic and Social Development

Our IPA provides a framework for developing our local economy and society in ways that maintain our connection to Country and Culture, including:

  • Training and employment with Djunbunji Land and Sea Program
  • Training and employment with partner management & research agencies
  • Opportunities for tourism and other enterprises
  • Role models and work experience for our young people
  • Cultural renewal, community pride and reconciliation
  • Economic benefits for the Cairns Region


To enhance economic and social development for Mandingalbay Yidinji people and the Cairns region through best practice management of the IPA.


  • Develop and support training and staff development pathways for all employees;
    (Target completion date: ongoing)

  • Explore contract environmental service options for Djunbunji Rangers beyond the boundaries of the IPA;
    (Target completion date: June 2013)

  • Explore economic enterprise options for Traditional Owners and others interested in providing environmental management or tourism services associated with the IPA;
    (Target completion date: June 2013)

  • Support culturally and environmentally sustainable economic and social development initiatives within the IPA.
    (Target completion date: ongoing) 

Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Document all training initiatives;

  • Document stages in development of economic and social development enterprises;

  • Report on key achievements and/or challenges at each MYSPIC meeting, as appropriate;

  • Report on all targets in annual IPA Program reports

  • Assess progress towards achieving Goal in the five-year review of the IPA Management Plan.