Welcoming Visitors

mayi-bugan-walk-map.jpgWe welcome visitors who wish to enjoy and learn about our Country and Culture

With our partner agencies we will:

  • Develop a Visitors Code of Conduct
  • Establish walking tracks in selected locations
  • Provide visitor information
  • Install appropriate signage
  • Develop visitor services:
    • Eco-cultural tours
    • Cultural education
    • Camping facilities


To provide best practice visitor opportunities and experiences that are consistent with the cultural and natural values of the IPA and with the rights and interests of Traditional Owners.


  • Develop a Visitor Code of Conduct in collaboration with partner agencies;
    (Target completion date: June 2013)

  • Develop a Walking Track Strategy for the IPA;
    (Target completion date: December 2013)

  • Complete loop walking track adjacent to Djunbunji Ranger Base;
    (Target completion date: June 2012)

  • Develop Tourism Enterprise Plan.
    (Target completion date: June 2013)

Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Document key stages in the development of the Visitor Code of Conduct, the Walking Track Strategy and the Tourism Enterprise Plan;

  • Report on key achievements and/or challenges at each MYSPIC meeting, as appropriate;

  • Report on all targets in annual IPA Program reports

  • Assess progress towards achieving Goal in the five-year review of the IPA Management Plan