Rangers Corner - First Ranger Exchange to Burketown

23rd Nov 2011

In November 2010 four of our Rangers participated in a ranger exchange with the Gangalidda and Garawa Rangers based in Burketown in the Gulf of Carpentaria.

Djunbunji Rangers spent seven days in Burketown and assisted the local rangers with a wide range of activities including aerial gel torch operations on rubber vine eradication, crocodile surveying, cast net surveys to determine species variety and

numbers and ghost net and rubbish collection along the coast. They also completed a fire training course and attained a Certificate 1 in Fire Management which will allow them to participate in controlled burns on country in the future.

Djunbunji Ranger Leon Wallis said “Although the country is completely different from ours with big salt pans, numerous creeks, rivers and estuaries and sparse, stunted vegetation, the exchange was very useful and we learned a lot which we can apply on M/Y country. Gangalidda Garawa Head Ranger, Vernon Yanner made us all feel very welcome and was impressed by the professionalism shown by Djunbunji Rangers.” 

Ranger Damon Mundraby particularly enjoyed the crocodile survey but reckons he can do without the boat breaking down in these croc infested waters.

Overall the rangers felt the exchange was very beneficial as Gangalidda Garawa Rangers have been established for a longer period, have more rangers (13) and appear to have a lot more power than we currently have. It is great for Indigenous Rangers to share their knowledge, best practice and experiences with each other. As most of the area they manage is not National Park they do not seem to have as many restrictions on their operations as we experience at home.

We have offered a reciprocal visit to Gangalidda Garawa Rangers as we place a high value on these work exchanges. We look forward to hosting the Gulf mob in the future.