Rangers Corner - Workshop Practices

23rd Nov 2011

Rangers have had the opportunity to be involved in metal fabrication, design and construction, and workshop practices with a training agreement between Djunbunji Ltd and a local workshop.

Two models of steel mesh pig traps were produced: one designed by Djunbunji Rangers in consultation with an engineer, the other following discussions with our local QPWS Ranger, Dan Fitzpatrick, and our local engineer.

This training and skills development has resulted in the supply of pig traps to QPWS on a fee for service basis. Djunbunji Ltd is in discussion with Cairns Regional Council and QPWS in the sharing of resources for the cooperative management of pigs in the area.

Djunbunji Rangers have also designed and constructed a workshop bench, work stands and a BBQ for our operational base, all of which have been put to good use.