Sea Debris Monitoring

Community Beach Clean with Djunbunji Land and Sea Rangers

In cooperation with partners Tangaroa Blue, rangers monitor and remove the rubbish that washes onto our shorelines and along the East Trinity bund wall. Djunbunji Land and Sea rangers use Cybertracker GPS handheld navigator recorders to collect marine debris data to help identify what kinds of rubbish are washing up and where it is coming from. On average Djunbunji Land and Sea Rangers currently remove 55-75kg of rubbish every week from the East Trinity area. We also work with GhostNets Australia to track lost and discarded fishing equipment and have recently helped with the development of the new GhostNets Australia Data Collection Training DVD. This marine work contributes to the protection and conservation of marine turtles, dugongs and other important marine species.

Djunbunji Land and Sea Program hold community beach clean up events throughout the year, so get in contact with us if you are keen to get involved.